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From Leadership to Laddership with Nipun Mehta

Traditional leadership is often predicated on a coercive form of power. Laddership is its antithesis. Good “ladders” reside in the back of the room, tune into the same view as others they are leading and amplify patterns of positive deviance that are emerging from the inter-connections in the room. Instead of planning and executing, they search and amplify. Laddership offers a radically new lens on working with groups and lends itself to creative entrepreneurial frameworks, particularly for today’s massively networked world. A shift from ‘white knight’ leadership model towards a ‘holding space’ laddership model, laddership call on us to be the change instead of changing the world, to unlock multiple forms of wealth in place of commanding financial resources and to work subtly at the edges instead of directing from the center.

In this workshop, Nipun Mehta will share insights, stories and lessons from his laddership journey of starting a week-end project with 4 volunteers, almost 20 years ago, that has now turned into a thriving movement with 500 thousand members.

Make Happiness Your Business Model with Carlos Saba

In this fun and hands-on workshop Carlos and Laurence (founders of The Happy Startup School) will highlight the flaws of traditional business building and show you a happy new alternative – one where who you are and what you do are aligned. Using their Happy Startup Canvas you’ll learn how you can build your vision quickly, spot opportunities and grow your tribe.

No previous business experience required. Let’s start building businesses that make us rich in the new currency. Happy is the new rich!

Make Happiness the Most Powerful Tool In Your Change-Makers’ Toolbox with Mike Zeidler

This workshop will introduce you to learning from the Happy City Initiative – product of 20 years of partnership development work. There will be some active/playful learning about radical change and about personal influence in big systems. We’ll look at our collective experience of successful cooperation, from there mapping out the best thinking skills, measures and initiatives which we can use when we leave the conference.

By the end of the workshop, you should have improved skills for collaboration and partnership, and a big boost in energy for the change you want to make in the world. 

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Can’t make it? Click here for live streaming!