Naveen Rabelli

Solar-powered tuk tuk

From February to September 2016, Indian electrical engineer Naveen Rabelli drove a self-built solar-powered tuk tuk from Bangalore to London with the aim of creating awareness of alternative mobility solutions for passenger vehicles in Asian and European countries using renewable energy.

This was not just about having an epic journey. Naveen is passionate about making the world a better place – environmentally, socially, and economically. He is supporting his friends to develop ProtoVillage – a village in which energy is harnessed and used by the same people, a village which is self-sustaining by growing their own food and one that’s built by the village for the village.

He wants to make the world more sustainable. Using solar rather than just oil is one step in that journey.

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From India to London in a Solar Powered Tuk Tuk

Arundel House