Sofia Bustamante

Raising Your Game

Sofia is a Master Facilitator and will be hosting the Open Space session at Happier World Conference. Hosting and facilitation are not just a skill for Sofia, they are a way of life. Sofia understood early in her career that her purpose was to create healthy collaboration and community, and designed her career around this. She has been working in conflict resolution since 1995 and in individual therapy and coaching since 1993. Sofia was a Keynote Speaker at the 2016 IAF EMENA conference on “Applying Facilitative Leadership” and co-delivered a training in The Art of Hosting in London in June 2016.

Sofia is also a social entrepreneur, having been awarded London Leader status by the Mayor’s office for her innovative approach to creating a sustainable London Economy and won the People’s Vote for Women Social Leadership Award from Ogunte.

My Sessions

Open Space – start dialogues, form groups, take action!

Arundel House